Vajrasana is a sitting asana derived from the Sanskrit words 'vajra' meaning seated and 'asana' meaning pose.

Instructions: Kneel down bending your knees and stretching your lower legs backward. Make sure that the bend legs are kept as close together as possible and the big toes touch each other. Gently lower your body and rest your buttocks on your heels and your thighs on your calf muscles. place your hands on your knees and look straight ahead breathing calmly. The head and the spine should be kept straight and erect. Sit in this pose for as long as you want. Keep the focus on the breathing pattern while in the pose. You could keep the eyes shut to improve focus and to keep the mind calm.


  • It improves digestion, reduces acidity and bloating and helps cure constipation.
  • It strengthens the back and provides relief to patients suffering from lower back problems and sciatica.
  • It strengthens and tones the pelvic muscles.
  • It helps pregnant women in easing out their labor pains and also reduces menstrual cramps.

Caution :

  • This asana should be avoided by people suffering from knee or lower back injuries.
  • Pregnant women should keep their knees slightly apart when they practice this asana so that they do not exert undue pressure on their abdomen.